· Obama Threatens Veto as Fetal-Pain Bill Passes House The bill is an assault on a woman’s right to choose,’ according to a presidential policy statement. ADELAIDE MENA/CNA/EWTN

The White House is scheduled to vote on a bill that would extend and formalize the grace period for the tila-respa integrated disclosure rule until Feb. 1 2016, and the White House is threatening.

Anti-Crime bill stalled; bush Threatens Veto.. The blunt rebuff from Bush appeared intended to force the Democrats to reconsider last-minute steps that made the bill milder than the White House.

CFPB hits two lenders with thousands in penalties over HMDA data The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has ordered two lenders to pay civil penalties over alleged violations of the Home Mortgage disclosure act (hmda), which requires certain mortgage lenders to accurately collect and report data about home mortgage loans.. As per a CFPB press release, Walpole, Mass.-based Mortgage Master Inc. has been ordered to pay $425,000 in penalties for.

WASHINGTON – The White House threatened to veto two bills on Tuesday – one that would mandate new cost-benefit requirements on the Federal Reserve and the other to allow loans held in portfolio to qualify as a "qualified mortgage." The Fed bill, called the Fed Oversight Reform and Modernization.

The White House attempted to veto the Homebuyers Assistance Act on Tuesday, according to a Statement of Administrative Policy.. House Passes Bipartisan Bill to Provide Formal TRID Grace Period.

 · Extending the grace period until February 1, 2016, the Homebuyers Assistance Act ensures mortgage lenders protection from compliance enforcement if they exhibit a food faith effort to adhere to the TRID rules and regulations. Although the Homebuyers Assistance Act passed win the House Financial Services Committee the White House tried to veto it.

Despite numerous attempts to pass it, a bill that would define a four-month grace period for TRID enforcement is still stuck in Congress – and the White House has already promised to veto it

Raul Ruiz, a California Democrat who sponsored the legislation, said on the House floor Wednesday. “This vote is about the beauty and power of grace. House floor Wednesday. The White House has.

Obama administration threatens to veto temporary TRID safe harbor The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill on Wednesday to extend a grace period on TRID enforcement even as the Obama Administration threatened to veto it.

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The White House on Tuesday threatened to veto a House of Representatives bill aimed at improving U.S. cybersecurity, citing among other things concerns about privacy protections. In a repeat of.