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After nearly a year and half legal battle between VHT and Zillow Group over copyright infringement complaints, the court award vht ,875 in actual damages and $8.24 million in statutory damages.

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At the end of the two week trial the Seattle jury found that Zillow failed to prove it could use VHT’s photos either under license or fair use and that Zillow therefore infringed the copyrights in 28,125 of VHT’s real estate photos. The jury also awarded VHT $79,875 in actual damages, for a total award of $8.3 million for copyright infringement.

Zillow learns timing is key to infringement claim coverage How quickly you let your insurance company know about a potential claim can have a significant impact on coverage, as Zillow found out.

A federal appeals court largely sided with Zillow in a decision late last week involving a long-running copyright battle with real estate photography company VHT Inc. over how property photos can.

A long-running patent dispute between Microsoft and Motorola will come to a head in federal court in Seattle this week as Microsoft tries to convince a jury that the Google. of Kubernetes and many.

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Rosemont-based real estate photography company VHT Studios last week received an $8.3 million award in its copyright infringement lawsuit against Zillow Group, the parent of real estate data.

Federal judge reduces VHT’s award in case against Zillow. VHT Studios, which specializes in professional-grade real estate photography and video, filed the complaint in 2015, claiming thousands of its images that appeared on Zillow and its related sites were in violation of copyright laws. In February, the jury sided with VHT and awarded $79,875 in actual damages and $8.24 million in statutory damages.

Court tosses $4 million copyright award against Seattle-based Zillow.. VHT said Zillow’s use of its photos violated VHT’s copyright. A federal jury awarded VHT more than $8 million, an amount a.

The trial court found that the tagging was not a transformative fair use and held that Zillow’s tagging was willful and awarded VHT $4 million in damages, an amount less than what the jury awarded.

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The case pits Zillow against VHT Inc., which accused the real estate website of infringing some 28,000 of its photos. An earlier jury award found that Zillow had indeed committed copyright infringement and ordered the site to pay some $8.3 million in damages.

Senate delays Janet Yellen Fed Chair confirmation There is no such thing as an easy vote in the current U.S. Senate, but Janet Yellen should have a relatively smooth path to confirmation if she is nominated by President Barack Obama to head the.