"The demand for St Croix continues to build," said Nicholson-Doty, who noted that, after the peak holiday season, Delta will serve St Croix, starting the week of January 7 through the end of March, with three nonstop flights per week on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

There has been a stunning decline in mortgage interest rates from mid-November 2018 through the end of March, from 4.94% to 4.06% – to the enormous advantage to buyers. Big drops such as this have helped to recharge buyer demand in the past.

With the advent of online listings, home sales have become less seasonal; buyers can narrow their choices quickly. In December 2016, sales fell only 1.8 percent from November, and sales would have been better if more homes were on the market.However, many of the homes that sold that month had been lingering on the market longer than homes sold in November.

Home buyers should also consider time of year. The two high-volume seasons in real estate sales are spring and early fall. Many buyers want to move during warm weather and get settled before a new school year begins. Addressing this demand, many sellers put their homes on the market in these seasons.

Mortgage rates have fallen from 5% in November to 4%, and purchase applications have soared. New home. amid fed tightening fears, tighter financial conditions, and global slowdown concerns. Housing.

The average rate on the 30 year mortgage ran above 5 percent at the start of November. buying season just getting started, house hunters may be reacting to lower rates, even as prices are still.

Home Buying Season Isn’t Set in Stone. All that said, home buying season is a general window, and can really change depending on the place you’re buying (or selling). For example, markets in low-inventory areas, such as San Francisco or Washington D.C. experience home buying season practically year round.

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So you may have an opportunity to land a truly committed buyer." After the holidays, McMaster says, can also be a fine time to refresh the listing, perhaps with new photos and maybe even a small price drop. Wait until people get out of their post-holiday work bubble, she says, but the second week or so in January is perfect for a refresh.

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