Each of us has heard any number of things about millennials. But are all-or any-of those stereotypes backed up by the data? We decided to dive into the numbers behind some of the major myths regarding millennials’ work and finance. What we found might surprise you.

Middle-aged people are not far behind, but as you would imagine. with television faring better as young people turn their attention to online news. But here is the interesting part. When Western.

The Average Millennial Is Nothing Like The Stereotypes Data shows that the average 29-year-old did not graduate from a four-year university and is living in a suburb. Listen Share

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Ask any older person in Greece about millennials and he will regurgitate a bunch of stereotypes. But it’s normal-at least. the mismatched. The truth is that if, around the turn of the century,

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This list that we’re going to go through is a list written by a millennial who says he loves the church but is also communicating to the church why millennials as a group struggle with the church. Now I’ve got to do a disclaimer before I start this, which is this is a terrible thing to do to.

Think America's largest generation is just a bunch of self-absorbed sex-crazed socialist slackers? millennials say, think again.

 · Move aside, U.S. baby boomers. The Millennial generation is bigger than you and growing in influence. (See Exhibit 1.) Now numbering 79 million (compared with the boomers’ 76 million), U.S. Millennials-people between the ages of 16 and 34-have been the subject of abundant analysis and commentary, mostly revolving around their avid use of technology, changing media-consumption.

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But Crystal Kadakia-a Millennial herself as well as an organizational development consultant and two-time TEDx speaker-shows that not only are these negative stereotypes dead wrong, but each one conceals a positive workplace practice that forward-looking companies must adopt if they are to endure.

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5 days ago. Here's why millions of millennials are not homeowners. Student loans are one of the factors at play in deciding to put off settling down.

Here's your city. Here's downtown. That's where lots of the good jobs are. Most people want to live fewer than 30 minutes from work. So, for much of the 20th.