Why the housing recovery isn’t for real yet, in three charts

5 Cities That Aren’t Seeing a Housing Recovery.. The long-running housing bust seems to have finally ended in most of the country, but here’s a look. "Allentown just isn’t a place where.

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The prime reason that there can be no real recovery WITHOUT a housing recovery, is that at least half of the UNREPORTED unemployed work in the trades- A/C, plumbing, carpentry, stonemasonry, insulation, etc.- and while a great many of these people are, unfortunately illegal aliens, the money they generate also fuels our economic engine to a greater degree than many realize.

Freedom from Self-Doubt | B.J. Davis | TEDxSacramentoSalon The housing market, in other words, is showing overall improvement, although some metrics (home prices) look rosier than others (employment, new construction.) The overall recovery isn’t a neat, straight line, but rather a scattered picture of the many variables that, together, weave the tapestry that values American homes.

Best and Worst States in the Housing Recovery. There isn’t a huge number of foreclosed homes available, and in terms of new mortgages, they are slightly lower than a majority of states (33.

Assuming the Fed is a good diagnostician, a decision to cut rates isn’t necessarily. 2018) "Here’s a guy, nobody ever.

The US housing recovery in 5 charts. Melody Hahm. Senior Writer.. there simply isn’t enough real estate on the market to meet the demand of people eager to purchase a home.. Here’s Where.

With housing comprising about 15% of GDP since 2010, the real estate market is an important indicator of economic health. Here are some key takeaways from. However, this increase isn’t from big.

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch)-Here’s another sign that a housing recovery is afoot: Prices on a per-square-foot basis rose in 78 of the nation’s 100 most active housing markets over the latest.

Buyers still wanted (Getty Images) There has been a lot more talk recently about whether we are on the cusp of a housing market recovery. I wrote that I believed the housing market would rebound in 2011 back in December. Earlier this month, my colleague Bill Saporito wrote a story about how two developers who had called the crash correctly were now betting on a huge bounce in housing prices.

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US Housing: Is the Recovery Real? by Mike Whitney "If it weren’t for the activity of investors, including large hedge funds, there would be no market recovery."

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