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BY KATE BERRY. The Home Affordable Modification Program continues to disappoint. As of Dec. 31, one in three struggling homeowners who received a loan modification through HAMP ultimately redefaulted on those loans, a new report has found.

In total, public and private efforts have helped more than 4.6 million Americans get mortgage aid to prevent avoidable foreclosures since HAMP was launched. With these enhancements, the Administration continues to target support for homeowners based on conditions on the ground: Extending the Administration’s mortgage modification program.

The government’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) continues to add borrowers to its roster each month, but the pace has slowed. Data released Friday by Treasury and HUD shows 19,940 permanent HAMP mods were granted during the month of March. That’s down 10 percent from the 22,263 permanent mods completed in February and down 45 percent from 36,432 in March 2011.

Additional borrowers will now have an opportunity to receive modification assistance through an additional evaluation process that provides the same homeowner protections and clear rules for servicers established by HAMP. This includes: Ensuring that borrowers struggling to make ends meet because of debt beyond their mortgage can participate.

The housing market continues to struggle. March 29 to eliminate HAMP, which pays banks and mortgage servicers to modify monthly payments for delinquent borrowers. The program is President Barack.

An article on the Reuters website in January (“U.S. 2009 foreclosures shatter record despite aid. the 6 million borrowers who are presently 60+ days delinquent on their loans. For every borrower.

Borrowers receiving aid under the HAMP-PRA program may report any discharge of indebtedness income – whether included in, or excluded from, gross income – either in the year of the permanent modification of the mortgage loan or ratably over the three years in which the mortgage loan principal is reduced on the servicer’s books.

76% of borrowers had a “negative. Homeowners everywhere are applying for HAMP due to being laid off and unable to find work in this economy – no fault of their own. Meanwhile, the Treasury.

"HAMP continues to be the strongest available program for mortgage modifications. Receiving assistance through HAMP gives homeowners a valuable opportunity to strengthen their financial footing and stay in their homes." McArdle said that only a small percentage of borrowers who re-default on HAMP mods actually go into foreclosure.