Sen. Warren sounds the alarm on irresponsible housing reform Sen. Warren sounds the alarm on irresponsible housing reform JPMorgan analysts see housing prices falling until mid-2011 meredith whitney loses Credibility as Muni Defaults Fall 60% – Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s CEO.

The 66-34 bipartisan vote ended a more-than-700-day battle. unconstitutional and all of the CFPB’s rulemaking invalidated, including its rewritten rules for the mortgage industry and its authority.

Yes, Obama (and Elizabeth Warren) won, and banks can look forward to even more regulations and oversight. More Certainly investors. Let’s take a moment to look at share prices of non-bank mortgage.

Hensarling wants new ideas on affordable housing Ma said she wants to improve those programs to help gov. gavin newsom achieve his target of building 3.5 million new homes. into affordable housing to eventually purchase their homes. Ma and Agee.

Appeals Court questions constitutionality of CFPB, attacks Director Cordray Posted on April 12, 2016 | Leave a comment The opening rounds started in the legal battle between PHH and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit heard oral arguments on Tuesday.

Elizabeth Warren, who helped establish. swipe at one of the biggest powers of the CFPB in deciding to push for the elimination of its oversight of non-bank financial services firms, such as payday.

 · Judicial Watch claims emails show Elizabeth Warren already in power Housing Wire: Judicial Watch , a conservative nonprofit group that investigates matters involving the judiciary, released emails claiming they show Elizabeth Warren was directly involved in shaping the $25 billion mortgage servicer settlement proposed by state attorneys general.

Two Democratic lawmakers are calling on the nation’s top consumer protection agency to ramp up its oversight of nonbank mortgage servicers. Dems call for greater nonbank mortgage oversight | TheHill

Six Democrat Senators sent a letter to the Consumer financial protection bureau seeking information on its oversight of the student loan industry.. Specifically, the letter requested information on the activity of student loan companies and servicers involved in the administration of the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

Elizabeth Warren’s admirers often refer. do without a director is send its examiners into nonbank financial institutions. Dodd-Frank gives the CFPB jurisdiction over payday lenders, check cashers,

GAO produced the report in response to a request from Cummings and Warren. The GAO report, Nonbank Mortgage Servicers: Existing Regulatory Oversight Could Be Strengthened, shows that by the second.

Sen. Paul threatens to hold up Janet Yellen nomination  · Paul, a Republican, has told Democratic senate majority leader harry reid that he will hold up her nomination unless the Senate votes on his audit bill. “The American people have a right to know what this institution is doing with the nation’s money supply,” Paul.

 · Thankfully, the Dodd-Frank Act created the Financial stability oversight council (FSOC) to address the systemic risk posed by non-bank financial companies and financial market utilities. large cloud service providers probably do not meet the definition of “financial company,” but a credible claim can be made that they are a new kind of.