— The national delinquency rate has fallen for the third consecutive month, hitting 3.36% in May, its lowest level since Black Knight began reporting the metric in January 2000 — Both early.

The national delinquency rate quickly came off its seven-year low, reversing course and instead surging to the highest level in 10 months, Black Knight Financial. of this magnitude since 2008. On.

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In March, the foreclosure inventory. the lowest rate for any month since January 2000,” CoreLogic Chief Economist Frank Nothaft said. “Late-stage serious delinquency rates continue to decline,

The Data and Analytics Division of Black Knight financial services (bkfs) has released its latest Mortgage Monitor Report, looking at data as of the end of February 2014. The data showed that monthly mortgage originations dropped to the lowest level in at least 14 years. However, according to Herb Blecher, senior vice president of Black Knight’s Data and Analytics division, real estate sales.

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Black Knight Financial Services’ First Look at July mortgage data: foreclosure inventory Down 24 Percent Year-Over-Year; Lowest Level Since 2007 august 21, 2015 Download PDF Format (opens in new window) PDF

Black Knight: foreclosure inventory drops to mid-’08 levels The U.S. foreclosure inventory declined for the 26th consecutive month in June to its lowest level since May 2008, but foreclosure starts rose for the second consecutive month, Black Knight Financial Services reported.

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Black Knight reported that foreclosure inventory hit its lowest level since February 2008. Foreclosure starts in the U.S. totaled 81,400 for October, a decline of 31.5 percent from October 2013 and a drop of 10.6 percent month-over-month. The number of non-current loans, which are those that are more than 30 days past due or in foreclosure.

Rates of longer-term delinquencies also declined, including the foreclosure inventory. The rate of loans in the process of foreclosure fell from.

These five states account for 36 percent of completed foreclosures nationally. At the end of November there were approximately 325,000 properties awaiting foreclosure (the foreclosure inventory.