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Jerry Rowell has joined Assurant as managing director of Assurant Field Services. Rowell will oversee operations and strategy for the risk management solutions provider under Assurant’s mortgage.

FIELD SERVICESCOVER FEATURE ROB COOPER Managing Director, Assurant Field Asset Services In 2016, we expect to see servicers and field service providers continue to align with the requirements of regulations – they are here to stay. The cost of compliance has had a significant impact on all parties involved. There is a high cost of fees and fines

Rob Cooper has joined Assurant Field Asset Services as managing director. Cooper comes to Assurant from CitiMortgage, where he served for more than 20 years in positions throughout the mortgage business unit. Specifically, he coordinated service delivery and managed profit and loss activities for CitiMortgage’s retail mortgage channel operations group.

. HSBC then lead a panel on managing aged inventory and strategies to reduce risk together with Rob Cooper, Managing Director for Assurant Field Services; Jay Jones, Partner for Phelan Hallinan.

About Cyprexx Services | Nationwide Field Service Company Assurant Field Asset Services, an inspection and preservation solution provider for the mortgage and housing industries, has named Rob Cooper as managing director. Cooper joins Assurant after more.

Kevin Paterson, who has been the sales and marketing director since 2008 at Assurant Intermediary will take on some. to continue to develop new products and services for the intermediary market.

Dan Tammas-Hastings is Managing Director and founder at digital asset management firm RiskSave. He founded the company in response to inadequate risk measures and a lack of transparency dominating the.

Springboard helps formerly distressed borrowers get back on track Springboard helps formerly distressed borrowers get back on track Assurant Field asset services names rob cooper managing director Rob Cooper, Assurant field asset services managing director, commented, "The housing crisis has abated, but many properties remain in foreclosure or.

Assurant Field Asset Services has named veteran mortgage operations executive W. Robert Cooper as Managing Director. Cooper is a 20 year veteran of CitiMortgage where he served in various positions.

California homes sales drop California home sales close year on downward trend as home prices post mild gains, C.A.R. reports – Existing, single-family home sales totaled 372,260 in December on a seasonally adjusted.