With housing prices down and mortgage rates at historic lows, buying activity has increased. Clearly it’s less expensive to buy now than when rates go back up. It’s also an excellent time to refinance, especially those who still hold adjustable-rate mortgages. But what’s the best type of.

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If someone wanted to shorten the 30-year mortgage without refinancing, they could simply make additional principal payments each year. If you look at the entire time horizon of the commitment, there is no doubt that you will pay several times over with a 30-year mortgage. Lastly, never make a decision based on tax benefits alone.

 · Over the length of the mortgage, we will be saving over $100K in interest. The factors that weighed into choosing the 15 year over the 30 year were the following. 1.

Do you know the real differences between a 15 and a 30 year mortgage? Which one should someone choose if they are moving in 5 years anyway? Doesn’t making extra payments just make a 30 year onto a.

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The mortgage interest tax deduction also takes a big bite out of the relative savings between a 15- and 30-year mortgage. Since paying less interest means you have less to deduct, this can make the savings on a 15-year mortgage somewhat less attractive than they may seem at first glance.

Over the length of the mortgage, we will be saving over $100K in interest. The factors that weighed into choosing the 15 year over the 30 year were the following. 1.

 · I’ve never understood why the 30 year mortgage is the default option in this debate. It seems an easy solution to this question would be to finance one’s home at 15 years to begin with (or refi to a 10 or 15 now), which would reduce interest paid from the outset (15 yr rates are typically .5-1% lower than 30 yr) and cut payback timeframe in half or more.

A cash-in refinance is yet another option. to retire without a mortgage before signing on for a new 30-year loan. "Some.

 · I like the different angle you take on the mortgage debate. I hadn’t looked at the difference between payment amounts and definitely think that there is more of a reason now than ever to choose the 30 year mortgage over a 15.

Ten-X projects home sales to increase substantially in April Ten-X, the nation’s leading online real estate transaction marketplace, has released its latest Ten-X Residential Real Estate Nowcast which indicates a slight decrease in June existing home sales.